Liberty Logistics USA
(800) 777-1070
17901 Woodland Dr. STE. 400
New Boston, MI 48164

The Hammer Down Trucking Company

Welcome to Liberty Logistics USA...

At Liberty Logistics USA, we're a company from yesteryear, a company with traditional values, a company that takes pride in every single order.

The highest level of craftsmanship enhanced with old school values:

*  Pride in workmanship
*  Giving value to every job
*  Show appreciation for every customer order
*  Keeping a clean and safe facility

Liberty Logistics is not the largest logistics company in America.  Far from it.

But we can honestly say we're the best logistics company in America - for we have over 30 years of working experience in every member of our staff.  There's not a job we haven't seen, there's not a job we can't handle.


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