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ISPM15 Certification...

Liberty Logistics USA is one of the nations leading ISPM15 Certified Crating and Packaging Facilities.

From handling large industrial and production crates, to crating reusable trade show crates, highly sensitive fine art crates, repacking, and corrugated cardboard boxes, at Liberty Logistics, we can do it all.

The International Standards for Photosanitary Measures (ISPM15) sets the guidelines for regulating Wood Packaging Materials (WPM) in International Trade, in an effort to significantly reduce the risk of pests spreading to other nations.

Liberty Logistics USA purchases only premium Heat Treated (HT) lumber direct from mills and can certify your shipment, to ensure customs clearance through any of the participating Countries around the globe.

Liberty Logistics also offers an On-Site Crating and Packaging Service, done directly at our customers place of business, for those shipments requiring special handling, or simply just as a convenience.

Liberty Logistics USA
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