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The Hammer Down Trucking Company

About Liberty Logistics USA...

Bill Lebich is the founder and owner of Liberty Logistics USA, LLC. Bill started his logistics career while serving his nation in the United States Air Force. Bill was assigned to the Civil Engineering Squadron of the Strategic Air Command, maintaining positions as a Material Facilities Manager and a Logistics Specialist.

After serving his country, Bill rose through the ranks of a large logistics company located in Michigan, while continuing his education, and would ultimately be awarded his graduate degree with honers from Walsh College.

Today, as the owner of Liberty Logistics USA, Bill Lebich demonstrates daily leadership by involving himself in every sector of the business. An accomplished carpenter as well, Bill makes certain every crating and packaging order leaves the facility with his stamp of approval. Making sure the finest quality of wood is used and the highest level of craftsmanship is maintained in every single shipment.

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